Communication Skills on the Spectrum


Week One:

Social Circles:  With whom do you communicate, and how do the rules of communication differ based upon other people's roles in our lives?  In this week we'll examine the many people in our lives,  where they fit into our social circle, and some rules for different social circles.

Week Two:

How to Listen:  Listening is more than 90% of successful communication!  And, there are specific techniques for how to listen well.  In fact, there are whole professions where success is based mostly on just listening well!  For example,  professional negotiators, therapists, diplomats and good sales people are all experts at listening.  You can be too.

Week Three:

Communicating Emotions:   Communication is hardest when you are feeling strong emotions.  It may seem impossible to predict how another person will react if they are feeling emotional.  This becomes especially true if the emotions are ones we think of as negative, like fear, frustration or anger.  However, there are proven ways to structure communication to ensure the best emotional response.  With practice, you can learn methods for defusing conflict and communicating emotions effectively before they become a problem.

Week Four:

Center First:  We all communicate best when we are calm and have an accurate understanding of our desires or objectives.  Week four focuses on communicating with OURSELVES first.  Using proven techniques developed at the University of California in San Francisco, we will learn to diffuse our own emotions first and understand what we want to get out of communication with another.  Once "centered," we will  approach communication using the techniques learned in Weeks One through Three.

Week Five:

Picking up Social Cues:  Did you know that 90% of communication is non-verbal?  No wonder it can be so difficult to pick up on what someone really MEANS, instead of what they actually SAY.  In week 5, we study 15 common, non-verbal social cues to look for and how they can help you interpret unspoken communication!

Week Six:

The Art of Conversation:  There are very likely to be times, like it or not, when you will be called upon to converse with strangers or acquaintances for the sake of being "polite."  Making a good impression can benefit you, and feeling confident and comfortable can benefit you even more.  In Week Six, we'll bring together all the concepts from the class to build a custom, personalized action plan for increasing your comfort level and self-confidence  in any social situation.