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Autism & Aspergers Life Coach and Autism Service Dog

About our Founder

Hi. I'm Tamara Barthel, and this is my family's autism service dog, Buddy.   I am a professionally trained life coach, certified Youth Mentor & Coach, Certified Youth Leadership Coach, and a parent to 5 children and one grandchild, one on the spectrum and three with other special needs.  

I founded CReW to bring a new kind of support to the dramatically under served community of teens and adults living on the autism spectrum.   CReW recognizes and celebrates all our clients as naturally Creative, Resourceful & Whole.  From that starting place, we provide training, coaching and support to help our clients lead the best possible lives they can design.   

Autism and Aspergers coaching, help and support

Therapy vs. Coaching

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  is frequently indicated for individuals on the autism spectrum.  Therapy can help process emotions, heal trauma, and mitigate deficits in mental processing.   CBT is often a necessary, but not always sufficient, part of the treatment plan for autism.  That's where coaching can come in. 

Coaching seeks to engage with the individual to help them define, and then attain, their goals and aspirations.   CReW has evidence-based tools and strategies to help you to create the life you imagine, whether you are on the spectrum yourself or have family members who are. 

Online Autism & Aspergers Classes, training, coaching, groups and support


CReW's classes are based upon the best available, evidence-based  strategies for living well on the spectrum.   

Classes are highly interactive, with real-world practice built into every session.   It's easy to learn what to do.  Doing it is harder.  CReW classes provide the foundation, action plan and practice for achieving meaningful and lasting growth.


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Autism and Aspergers Life Coach and Mentor

More About Tamara

More About Tamara

More About Tamara

I hope to empower you to be your best self in all aspects of life.  Too often autism is viewed through a negative lense as something to be fixed, or the person is viewed as someone who is less than whole.   I could not disagree more strongly.  I provide a friendly and safe space for you to define your goals and practice new skills and techniques to reach your full potential.  Click on my picture to learn more.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome Service Dog

More About Buddy

More About Tamara

More About Tamara

Buddy is an Autism Service Dog.  He is trained to provide close companionship and comfort to his handler and is specifically task trained in autism tasks such as deep pressure therapy, which he will provide upon request or spontaneously if he senses anxiety or panic in his handler.   Buddy is so sensitive that he's even been known to share his therapy with people he's just met, if he senses they are particularly stressed or anxious.