Financial Planning on the Spectrum


Week One

Budgeting:  Building a budget for today and anticipating financial needs over your lifetime on the spectrum.  How smart budgeting will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more over your lifetime.

Week Two

 Understanding Credit:  How to use credit to your advantage without becoming enslaved by it.  Credit management, including raising your credit score and paying down credit quickly and successfully.  

Week Three

Smart Credit:  How to make credit decisions, like lease vs. buy.  Understanding interest.  Calculating the REAL cost of purchases using credit.  Why investment in real estate and education are "smart" uses of credit.

Week Four

Taxes:   How are they calculated?  How to pay as little as legally allowable.  Save thousands of dollars by NOT allowing the government to use your money interest free every year!

Week Five

Long Term Planning:  Investing; Insurance coverage; ABLE Accounts; SSI;  SSDI; Special Needs Trusts.  How to use laws and tax advantages to your financial benefit.

Week Six

Income Planning:  Active and passive income sources.  Career planning.  Managing income from investments.